He looks a little cartoony, but maybe that’s a good thing.

You know what? I don’t hate this. It’s been a weird couple of weeks for superhero reveals, what with the Batman v Superman trailer being too dark to see, and a Suicide Squad Joker image that some of us wish was too dark to see, but Kurt here looks okay. Sure, the effects are a little crummy, but it’s a promotional photo, so I’m willing to forgive it.

Kodi Smit-McPhee takes over the role previously played by Alan Cumming in X2 and then in no movie ever again, and while I’m sure that silly half-grin is just a matter of when the picture was snapped (it’s hard to photograph Nightcrawler when he’s BAMFing* around), I do love the fact that we’re getting hints of his signature colours. Then again, they’re probably the only colours we’re going to get to see in a movie called Apocalypse, so perhaps I should hold my tongue.

It’s hard to really get Kurt Wagner’s look wrong, though completely ignoring the fact that he’s Mystique’s biological son was a strange decision in the original X-films, especially considering all the, you know…. blue. But the next installment of X-Men franchise, the third prequel mind you, exists in a timeline completely separate from the original trilogy thanks to the stuff that went down in Days of Future Past, so anything could happen. Maybe Apocalypse gives Wolverine his adamantium. Maybe Azazel is alive again and finally gets that second date with Jennifer Lawrence. Continuity doesn’t really matter as far as these films are concerned. I guess we’ll find out May 27th, 2016.

*In case you’re unfamiliar with what “BAMF” means in the X-Men universe, it even has its own Wikipedia article now