Bold movie, Disney. Bold move.

In a bold move by Disney and Lucasfilm, Star Wars: Rogue One is looking at actors to join the 2016 production. Badass Digest reports that Nightcrawler’s Riz Ahmed is in talks to join the cast that already includes Felicity Jones, and maybe Ben Mendelsohn – as far as we know he’s still in talks as well. These are all definitely actors… Most likely being looked at to act. Just our guess.

Though Jones is likely the star, Star Wars: Rogue One, as touted by director Gareth Edwards, is more of an ensemble, heist film – with a big, Dirty Dozen style cast, apparently – so expect A LOT of casting rumors in the near future. Ahmed is a strong performer, though, one that can bring a lot of character to even a side role (as we saw in Nightcrawler), and he fits in well with Disney’s current focus on diversity, which is basically just making sure not every human character is white and male. Something the Star Wars universe hasn’t always been good at – the multitude of aliens and robots being the obvious exception. But this is going to be a big cast, so everyone prepare for the long haul of Rogue One news as we get closer to shooting.

The Wrap would later add that Hunger Games actor Sam Claflin is also in talks to join the cast. He is also an actor.

Star Wars: Rogue One opens on December, 16th 2016.