And apparently it’s going to be the best thing we’ve ever seen.

Furious 7 made a billion dollars faster than any other film in history – that’s a landmark achievement for any franchise, putting it up there alongside The Avengers as one of the highest grossing films of ALL TIME. But we’re talking about The Fast & Furious, the little franchise – that we took an extended look back just as Furious 7 was coming out – that started back in 2003 with a $40 million Point Break rip-off. Just the fact that we’re now comparing the completely original Fast & Furious franchise to other popular pre-sold characters like Harry Potter, Bond and The Avengers is an achievement in and of itself, and running off of the franchise’s first billion dollar movie, of course Furious 8 was going to happen.

Yesterday at CinemaCon, Universal Pictures brought Vin Diesel to announce the April 14th 2017 release date – no doubt mimicking the April release this year that gave nearly 4 weeks of uninterrupted domination before Age Of Ultron came up to bat – and in classic Vin fashion, he said Furious 8 (or F8, dear god call it F8) will be “the best thing [we]’ve ever seen.” I don’t doubt the guy. He’s not going to stop until one of these movies wins best picture.

But before they can deliver, Universal and Diesel have a lot of work to do as Furious 7 – in many ways – felt like a fitting end to the franchise and with the tragic real-life loss of Paul Walker, the Brian and Dom bro-mance that fueled the series’ earnestness can no longer be used. They need to take a serious step back and consider the direction they wish the franchise to take. But as I noted in my review of Furious 7, this franchise lives its life just like Dom: “a quarter-mile at time,” so this might just be another chance for Vin and friends reinvigorate themselves like they seem to have done time and time again. Since 2003.

Who knows? Maybe it’s just F8.

F8 opens on April 14th, 2017.