Stephen Dorff finally makes his way into something worthwhile.

“James Marsden Wears Gray Pants and Black High-Top Sneakers” is Kid Cudi’s second episode as Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s brand new band leader and he is settling into his role well. Not an easy feat, as Reggie Watts left some gigantic cuddly and fun shoes to fill. Just as the last episode did, this episode takes time to play with with host Scott Aukerman’s and Cudi’s relationship. The episode starts off with Cudi coming straight up to Scott saying “Hey Scott, I’ve decided that I hate working here so you can consider this my two weeks notice” and Scott self absorb-ably saying “Oh this? Oh, This is just an old magic kit from when I was a kid, my mom just mailed it to me.” Thus, setting up the plot of the episode.

Scott talks about how he always wanted to be a magician since he was a kid. The magic talk summons Stephendorff the Wizard (played by Chris Parnell, portraying a man with a name I can not stop laughing at) who explains that he needs a skilled magician help his people of the Realm in a fight against That To Which One Must Not Refer. Scott, a magician so terrible he managed to chop off his own fingers as a child, accepts the offer with hopes of latching onto Stephendorff’s real magic and riding it to a two man Vegas magic show featuring the duo. Of course, whatever war is happening in the Realm must not be too pressing because after the exposition the show goes on in regular fashion when guest James Marsden is brought out.

Marsden’s introduction of “Every man on Earth is just a shittier looking version of him” brings one of the biggest laughs of the show. Marsden’s impossibly good looks are joked about often in the interview, leading to a great bit that reveals Marsden made a deal with a painter to create a painting that would age in place of Marsden who would stay forever young, à la Dorian Gray. The cartoonish portrait is brought out to show that Marsden is actually an elderly man with a thought bubble asking “Where are my dentures?” The gag ends with Scott grabbing the paper away from Marsden, ripping it apart and we immediately see Marsden turn into a sad elderly man. When we come back from commercial break, Marsden is back to normal and joking around with Scott once again.

The rest of the show consists of bits like Scott and Cudi’s new movie”The Shaking Head“, a parody of “The Walking Dead” that features Scott rapid-fire rambling off names of people from the two’s group. After each one Cudi shakes his head to denoting that they were all killed in the most recent supply run. After all the names are said, Cudi is revealed to have been bitten during the run and turns into a zombie himself. The bit is a bit of a flop, but it does, pardon the zombie pun, flesh out Cudi’s relationship with Scott a bit more.

After the overly long zombie bit, Scott welcomes our final guest to the show, Mr. Celebrity, a Hollywood gossip spreader played by the lovably intense Brett Gelman. Mr. Celebrity ends up leaving us with juicy Hollywood gossip like “Emma Stone is going to be in a lot more movies” and “Julia Roberts is getting more beautiful every day.” Turns out Mr. Celebrity has no inside scoops and is just an escaped mental patient who almost murdered a cab driver who simply asked him for payment.

After Mr. Celebrity’s insane mutterings are over, Stephendorff the Wizard’s storyline closes out the episode by revealing that he knew Scott was an awful magician and that he actually needed him to entertain the troops to keep up moral. Scott agrees to tip his and Stephendorff teleports them both to the Realm to reveal it has been completely destroyed in the half hour that Stephendorff has been gone. And of course it has, because we need Scott in our Realm to entertain us!