This is easily the best thing we’ve seen out of the current DCCU.

Goddamn. I know I’ve been hard on the DCCU in the past, and even in regards to some of the amateurish images released for the Suicide Squad, but regardless of that I still had hope for the film as I trusted in David Ayer (Training Day, End Of Watch) to deliver something totally weird and violent and the first trailer of the film that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con did just that. Check it out:

Not much is revealed in terms of plot (they are… a suicide… squad…) but there’s a whole lot of crazy action with people in funny costumes that looks like David Ayer just having a blast, and if the film can replicate the feeling of some of that violent imagery oh man will I pleased. The actual squad looks pretty great too. Seeing Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in her own little birdcage and seductively licking the bars feels right for this kind of movie, Will Smith looks… committed and even Jai Courtney looks interesting – though I’m assuming his role was meant go to Tom Hardy because he looks like he’s trying to be a Tom Hardy character. Killer Croc also looks hilarious (bringing him in Hannibal Lecter style made me laugh), but I’m excited to see how they play with that in the film. Still not sold on Jared Leto’s Joker but Ayer seems to know what he’s doing and if gangster rapper Joker is the psychopath that fits the story he’s telling then I’m down, I guess. (Special shout out to Viola Davis who is basically playing her same character from Blackhat.)

But, again, I was still mostly taken by the crime sequences we see here, and the way Ayer has staged a few of them. They’re kind of like the opening scene of The Dark Knight writ large and I’m so down for a movie like that – screw Batman chasing the Joker for killing Robin or something idk, I want to see a bunch of weirdos shoot other weirdos.

What do you guys make of this?