And You May Ask Yourself, Will This Be Any Good?


Tom Hanks and director Tom Tykwer, responsible for the best parts of 2012’s Cloud Atlas, re-team to adapt Dave Eggers’ critically acclaimed novel “A Hologram for the King”. Hanks plays Alan Clay, a struggling business man trying to reinvent himself and his career by seeking a potentially fruitful opportunity in Saudi Arabia. What ensues looks to be a journey of rediscovery   in love and in life.

The trailer- while attempting a stylized intro to the tune of the Talking Heads “Once in a Lifetime”, quickly falls into the tropes of a feel good romantic comedy. Having read the novel, and knowing it is definitely not that kind of story, we’ll attribute this to the trailer edit. That or Hanks and Tykwer have decided to go off the grid on this one.

A Hologram for the King is set to release on April 22nd.

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