The next Peter Parker will be very, very young.

With Marvel currently on the hunt for a director for their shared Spider-Man movie with Sony and Captain America: Civil War – which he is meant to make his first appearance in – already in production, Marvel needed to decide on a Peter Parker quickly and according to Latino Review, they have: our next Peter Parker/Spider-Man is Asa Butterfield.

I like Butterfield a lot. He’s a strong performer, and he has the right look for Peter but I’m not sure about him as Spider-Man. Similar to the Bruce Wayne/Batman dichotomy, Peter is two totally different people – Spider-Man being the witty, fun, over-confident version of himself he can’t express in his normal life. I liked him in Ender’s Game but I’m not sure Butterfield can do that level of quick, and confident.

Nonetheless I really dig the direction Marvel is going in. Spider-Man is probably my favorite superhero and my favorite iteration is the young, dumb kid who learns and grows through the pivotal moments in his early adulthood by wrestling with the tough decisions he has to make as Spider-Man, and to see a young Peter trade quips with Tony Stark while also learning from the best (Captain America/Steve Rogers) on screen would be a dream come true. I hope Marvel nails this – I want to see Spider-Man soar once again.

Next up is finding a director who can handle that. Again, Marvel’s shortlist didn’t instill much confidence in me as they seem to be more concerned in a teenage-oriented comedian than a visual stylist, and I think the way Spidey moves and looks are just as important as how witty he is. Jonathan Levine would be an excellent choice, though, so if they’re going with anyone on that list it better be him.

Anyway, I’m just excited to see a young Spidey. What do you guys make of this?