Alright MTV, I’ll bite…

When it was announced that MTV – once a channel dedicated to music and now a garbage pit of reality television – would be turning my beloved Scream franchise into a TV series, I only had one response:


The first trailer released for the series wasn’t great. It didn’t exactly feel true to the tone of the franchise and while it’s fine for the TV series to differentiate itself, it was not distinct enough to standout either. But the latest trailer that was presented at Upfronts this week is worth a look. Featuring various MTV stars sliced apart, it’s absolutely perfect. From the tone, to the set-up, to the pay-off, it’s brilliantly Scream-esque:

A film can most definitely work as a TV series even when not all of them should. A great example, of course, is Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which was based on the film of the same name, but the series obviously eclipsed that, as it was something that could be improved upon, as the movie is awful. For the most part it can work, if the universe can be expanded. Scream is such a particular franchise that is ideally hard to translate into a television show – each entry, more or less, properly skewered film franchises, the horror genre, sequels and reboots. I’d like to imagine that this would attempt to satirize television and movie-to-TV adaptations but as of right now that’s unclear.

Wes Craven, director of all the Scream films, has no attachment whatsoever to the series. Kevin Williamson, the writer of the films is also not attached. The plot of the series is as follows: a viral video goes wrong and leads to a murder opening up the troubled past of Lakewood. Simple enough. The cast is smartly filled with relative unknowns.

MTV has had success with their scripted series that have been decent performers in the ratings and have received solid critical response with shows Teen Wolf, Finding Carter, Faking It and Awkward.

I mean, I still have my reservations but it can’t be as bad as Scream 3. Right?