At least it’s not a daaaaark, myyysteeeerioooous subtitle.

With the Ant-Man junkets currently underway, and with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige being hammered with questions about upcoming films for about 99% of them there was bound to be a slip-up or leak on one of the projects. And there was. When asking Feige about James Gunn’s sequel to the surprisingly hilarious and sweet Guardians Of The Galaxy, Collider discovered the title for the upcoming film: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

Obviously the title references the Awesome Mix Vol. 1-2 we saw in GOTG that delivered a kick-ass soundtrack for us (I’d really love to see Marvel play around a bit more with needle drops) that brought some liveliness and energy to the film, but also had value for certain characters in the film. And at least it’s not some super boring subtitle that we hope is mysterious and meaningful but just ends up amounting nothing. (I’m looking at you The Dark World). This title is still numerical, but it at least has some personality to it. It’s very James Gunn. I like it.

What do you guys think?