The most sentimental man in cinema enters some morally murky territory.

Recent Spielberg has been really fascinated by real-world stories, applying his hammy yet empathetic eye to history, finding the optimism and humanity in the tragedy of our real wars, politics etc – things like the incredible Munich or very good Lincoln rather than say… War Of The Worlds, one of his more deeply under-appreciated films. Bridge Of Spies continues this trend for him, as he seeks to tackle some morally tough questions at the heart of the Cold War, with Tom Hanks playing an American lawyer forced to defend a Soviet Spy. Check out the trailer below:

It typical Spielberg fashion, the trailer is pretty classic and cheesy in its own way (though I much prefer this dialogue-heavy, romanticized patriotism to the dull American military films we’ve been berated with recently), but it’s also pretty riveting. The shot of Tom Hanks heading over to Russia and seeing people gunned down is terrifying. And though there’s a lot of obvious, classic Spielberg moralizing going down in this trailer (the constitution tho!!!) I’m definitely interested to see where his lens focuses, and which human truth Tom Hanks eventually finds. What do you guys make of this?

Bridge Of Spies opens on October 16th.