The dark side looks to add another to its ranks.

Disney made a lot of ripples Monday when TheWrap announced that an offer has been made to Benicio Del Toro for the villain role in Star Wars Episode VIII, set to be released on May 26th 2017. The upcoming film is also to be directed by Rian Johnson, who directed Looper, Brick, and is writing a treatment for Star Wars Episode IX. While a representative from Disney hasn’t yet been reached for an official comment, the announcement is already all over the web with fans very excited over the possible addition to the already fantastic cast, which is set to include Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega, among others.

While unexpected, Del Toro fits perfectly into a Star Wars villain role; he plays menacing almost too naturally, to the point that he was the obvious choice for most to play Pablo Escobar, notorious drug cartel kingpin, in the romantic thriller Escobar: Paradise Lost. His performance in that film is said to even rival that of Marlon Brando’s in The Godfather; that kind of pure terror is essential in playing a Star Wars villain, especially when you’re supposed to follow the likes of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. On top of that, Del Toro wouldn’t even have to change his voice at all; his accent in The Usual Suspects resembles an alien dialect closely enough.

The Usual Suspects
Spoiler alert: Darth Vader is Keyser Soze’s father

Disney’s offer probably also stands on the fact that Del Toro is no stranger to either Disney films or intergalactic films; this announcement comes just a year after Del Toro starred as The Collector in the Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy. Although the role wasn’t all that substantial, with only about five minutes of screen-time and an after-credits scene, his experience working with Disney still stands. Undoubtedly, Disney has the perfect role in this upcoming film cut out for him, should he choose to accept it (whoops, wrong franchise).

This comes at a time when Del Toro is also working on Denis Vilanueve’s crime thriller Sicario, Terrence Malick’s upcoming musical drama Weightless, and Harmony Korine’s The Trap. He certainly has his hands full with his career, however I have no doubts that if he accepts the offer Del Toro will knock this role out of the park; but those are just my thoughts, what do you guys think about this announcement?