Now that’s a trailer.

Sadly, I’m not as well versed with the Rocky franchise as I probably should be – I remember watching (most of) them when I was younger, but beyond that? Not much. That being said, the spirit of those films has always stuck with me in a profound way – that way they use the energy and thrills of boxing to explore the complexities inside the people driven enough to do it professionally, and that’s exactly what the first trailer for Creed captures. Check it out:

Working as something of a passing of the torch for the Rocky franchise, Creed decidedly focuses on Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed (Rocky’s longtime fighting rival/friend), as he fights because it’s seemingly his whole identity… until – I’m guessing – Rocky steps in to guide him and help him channel his rage.

I dig this so fucking much. I mean, the film looks amazing, yes, but even just the trailer is energetic and provocative in ways most modern trailers have seemingly forgot. It’s visceral and affecting – the opening shot legitimately gave me chills – and the film itself seems to me like one of the finest examples of continuing a studio franchise. Maybe a bit cheesy, having Rocky literally pass on his torch (and maybe even pass away), but it all feels… right. Michael B. Jordan looks fantastic and even Stallone seems reinvigorated. It also seems like the film will be tackling racial themes in subtle, interesting ways as well, something Ryan Coogler already did incredibly well in Fruitvale Station, so I’m all in. Creed is easily among my most anticipated films for the rest of the year.

What did you guys make of this?