We did it, everyone. We secured another sequel to a big, dumb reboot.

With Jurassic World now having passed The Avengers to become the 3rd highest-grossing film of all-time (worldwide), it was only a matter of time before Universal announced a sequel to the hot mess of a film coming in 2018. Knowing it was coming – and haing braced myself for this news – I’m pretty indifferent. If the people truly want dumb, contemptuous blockbusters that run on misplaced cynicism and nostalgia – and somehow find them “fun” – then who am I to complain? Here’s to hoping Jurassic World 2 has some semblance of thrills / stakes / logic / characters / tonal consistency, I guess.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are returning to star (yay?) but unfortunately director Colin Trevorrow is also returning to co-write with Derek Connolly. Hopefully they’ll give us more awesome moments like that part where the most horrific death goes to some business lady who’s only crime was talking on her phone but then Trevorrow turns the camera away from the villain getting his comeuppance because oh nooooooo we can’t revel in THAT. Or that part where the kids choose Chris Pratt as their protector over their aunt because he’s such a cool, tough guy – even though the only thing they’ve actually seen him do is be helplessly saved by their aunt. Great stuff.

As you can all probably tell: I’m pretty pumped about a Jurassic World 2, but what do you guys make of this news?