The new death star looks pretty adorable. #FindLuke2k15

On the eve of releasing the latest- and final trailer, we’re getting a look at the first real theatrical poster. And dang, it’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for. Someone should hang this up as an example of a one-sheet featuring loads of characters and action that doesn’t look like a photo-shop mess.

force awakens posterTwo notable reveals are that of Princess Leia, sure to be in tomorrow’s trailer, and presumably the large structure is Starkiller base. But where’s Luke? The last Jedi is still MIA. Although ultimately the ‘Mystery Box’ persists as the vast majority of the images are in fact the only images we’ve seen thus far. I’m extremely curious as to what other elements will be featured it tomorrow’s trailer.

Don’t forget you can also order tickets in advance following the trailers release.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their Sunday. Feels like we should spend the day watching the original trilogy right?