Robots, and Panthers and Web-slingers, oh my.


We’ve been waiting for this since the announcement that Sony would be lending their friendly neighborhood Spider-man to Marvel for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Now that we’ve pushed through the clouds of speculation and rampant rumors, we’ve got Spidey in the flesh. If you haven’t already watched the trailer, or want another reason to watch it for a fourth time- look no further:

Admittedly I was a lukewarm on Age of Ultron, but Civil War seems to be shaping up as another essential piece of the MCU. It certainly shares the bombast of Ultron but here the stakes are more personal, rooted in complicated friendships and the repercussions of the past. Winter Soldier, also helmed by the Russo brothers, is a great example of how this balance between spectacle and an emotionally driven core can elevate the material as a whole and potentially relieve some of the exhaustion. Who knew that the Captain America films, once considered the most bland character of the bunch, would serve as the benchmark for the rest of the franchise.

There’s a lot of great character moments in this trailer, from Black Panther’s epic sprint in pursuit of Bucky, Scarlet Witch neutralizing The Vision and Ant-man riding high on Hawkeye’s arrow. And then of course, Spider-man himself, who makes a grand entrance after being summoned by Tony Stark. This suit is fairly different from what we’ve seen before, taking inspiration from Steve Ditko’s original realization of the character, with the trademark heavily lined eyes and the cleaner overall look. For me- this is a perfect place to start (for the third time), with the promise of refinement in the upcoming Spider-man reboot (2017) directed by Jon Watts.

Did you wish to see a different version of the suit? Do you love this current look? How about that Black Panther? Let me know what you think in the comments below and stay tuned to Cinemachina for more upcoming news and reviews!