It was announced this week that Eli Roth has a death wish for Bruce Willis. The director of Hostel and The Green Inferno has closed the deal to helm the remake of the 1974 hit film about a reluctant vigilante made famous by Charles Bronson through MGM and Paramount. Bruce Willis is signed to take on the lead role that reinvented Bronson’s career.

Roth stepped in after Big Bad Wolves directors, Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado left the long-gestating remake due to creative differences with wanting to change the script that Bruce Willis had signed off on. The remake has seen Joe Carnahan come on as writer/director and leave the project in 2012. The current draft was written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski.

The original film, an adaptation of the 1972 novel by Brian Garfield, and followed a man who goes on a revenge spree after his wife is murdered and his daughter is sexually assaulted. The movie is known for striking a chord with the audience of the time that was living through the highest crime rate of the decade and set off a string of sequels.

Roth has been slowly transitioning away from where he made his name in the horror genre with films such as Cabin Fever and Hostel to larger budget films. He was set to direct the monster movie, Meg, with Warner Brothers. Both parted ways earlier this year over creative differences. His most recent film was the 2015 Keanu Reeves psychological thriller Knock Knock. It will be exciting to watch Roth bring his unique vision to Death Wish and start another franchise.